I think I’ll go back to blogger.com

We’ll see what happens. I feel like I might get into with Google, Alphabet Inc. about the operational definition of “robot” and “human.” I think Alphabet Inc. is behind in studying the issues, especially in relation to humans really just being gastrobots. Think about. There is no soul. It’s biological machinery.

I rather have my own server and host my own stuff. That’s how I feel about the lot of it.


A draft I’m working on

Employment Law: Not Getting Hired Means Discrimination

Thesis: You should give me the job because to not give me the job means you have discriminated against me on some basis against law.

Sub-thesis: To not give me the job means you have discriminated against me on some basis against law because these categories are all-inclusive as to the sociological, hiring character of any possible employee, whereby the absence of hiring me means you have discriminated against me (the applicant) based on one or more of the sociological characteristics of which you are not supposed to discriminate against in relation to the hiring process, as per state and federal law.

Wisconsin Categories: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/er/civilrights/discrimination/ Federal Categories:

“Federal Law on U.S. Employment Discrimination In addition to state law, which may offer more protection in some instances, the following are some U.S. federal employment discrimination laws;” source: https://swartz-legal.com/what-are-u-s-employment-discrimination-laws/

Counter-argument: No discrimination occurred because there was no free will to discriminate. Resolve? Not sure yet.

I still do not care for having a Google account

It appears I may have been better to argue that the reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robot” security feature is discriminatory and has characteristics of xenophobia rather than racism. I’ve theorized that I’m a gastrobot since about the year of 2009 or 2010. I’ve gone through the reCAPTCHA thing multiple times before this year with such philosophy. There are things that I do not discuss, write about, talk about, etc.. You might say I’m an eccentric recluse who does not bother nor is too interested in partaking of mainstream society and discussing his views.

I think there has been a philosophy that you DO NOT need more than one e-mail account. The philosophy behind such is that if something is wrong, you ought to contact your e-mail provider about your issue. If the e-mail provider cannot provide the e-mail services you are looking for, then leave that provider.

America Online provided an Internet service, but its services were conservative, uptight, and AOL often wrongfully prosecuted people and tampered with their Internet service (as an aside, I think it’s well enough proper to capitalize the “I” in Internet).

I think one of the unfortunate things about my e-mail account is the privacy aspect, as it kind of goes against the “A hero must always tell the truth” philosophy I got from the Excalibur contract of the Soul Reaper anime; but no one is asking me about my e-mail contents. There is not anything too fancy there.

There is also the philosophy that you do not need to sign up for more than one e-mail account. I got a Gmail account back when it was an invite-only system: Genecks@gmail.com, shuujin@gmail.com, etc.. Supply and demand pushed by the flow of the universe sees to whether or not a person gets another e-mail address or account somewhere else. There is also the issue of how Google might accidentally or ignorantly lock-up your account, as is what happened with my dennis.blewett@gmail.com that I had for a long time and used professionally, such as having a mail-list subscription to the National Institute of Health.

Google does not offer persons the right to have access to locked-up accounts, but I presume provided the proper legal arguments, Google would. Nonetheless, such extremes shows that Google has failed to protect an individual’s e-mail account.

In my opinion, it is more ideal to have your own business website, domain, and e-mail server going for yourself. I much rather have that kind of setup than dealing with web providers, such as Google. I have the technological background, but I do not have the Internet connection, computer setup, etc.. I am impoverished at the moment because that’s the way the universe is, whereby wrongful prosecution by the government is a correlating aspect (in psychological statistics, you learn about something called “significant contributing factors,” but those don’t really exists because cause-effect relationships are of a theory rather than actual in nature).

It seems like the thing to do is “Let it go,” behave as though all your stuff got deleted, and move on.

A balloon or..

The OPEP thing seems to mean a person could use a balloon, or a plastic bag, or a paper bag with perforations. Maybe the perforations in a balloon would help. Use a needle? Purchasing of an item has relative difficulty, so money is an art in that way, but if the insurance company has a lot of U.S. dollar, I grasp how it might be more interested in purchasing balloons or bags rather than AirPhysio devices.

There appears to be another unnecessary medical device

So, I’m come across a device called AirPhysio on the Internet that supposedly uses something called Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure. So, I spent time studying the mechanism of what Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure was about, and it appeared to me that a person could just as well buy some baloons and, if universe granting, blow in the balloon at different rates of speed. And such would or ought to give a similar affect to the AirPhysio…

Stuff like this makes me wonder what is going on with people. Are people not critically thinking anymore? I think the barrier to saying AirPhysio is nonsense is grasping what is involved with Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure. That takes a background in biomechanics and medical science.

I spent some time searching for the words “balloon for oscillating positive expiratory pressure” on Bing.com and came across a PDF claiming the following: “

What is active exhalation?
Active exhalation can best be described as the
type of effort required to starting to blow up a
balloon – but it is not as forceful as blowing out
candles. The AEROBIKA® OPEP device will offer
resistance to your exhaled breath meaning that
you will need to exhale with more energy than
you would normally.

source: https://www.aerobika.us/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/information-leaflet-en.pdf

Let’s refine that: “… the
type of effort required to starting to blow up a

Ok, so you don’t need AirPhysio or AEROBIKA ® ; you need some money to get a balloon.


I deleted the Protonmail account. It’s Google affiliated, after some thinking. Change the reCAPTCHA, Google. Robot haters. Racists. Is this a way of seeing if people are aware if they are or are not robots? I don’t think so. That people are gastrobots is a pretty edgy idea.

I’ll just wait for Tutanota to come back online or consider this place I’m at somehow attacked the tutanota website and seek some other e-mail resolve.

Here is a resume I’m working on

Supposedly, tutanota will have to be changed if the provider does not come back online….


Dennis Francis Blewett

E-mail: dennis.blewett@tutanota.com


Disk Operating System:

            Experience with Microsoft DOS 3.1, using dosshell.exe, using various command-line commands, such as mv, cp, dir, etc.. Experience with installing DOS-based games, such as Monster Bash, Wolfenstein 3D, Blake Stone, and Jazz Jackrabbit. Experience with using QBasic programming language from DOS.

Windows Operating Systems:

            (Windows 3.1)

            Experience with general user apps, such as word processing, sound recording, and file manager usage. Experience with using non-mouse keyboard typing to control MSPaint program. Experience with install drivers and using various forms of hardware, such as printers and scanners (GO-CR handheld scanner).

            (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP)

            Experience with setting up users and administrating console. Experience with installing software, web browsing, FTP server maintenance (-Win 2000), and experience with web development (HTML scripting experience, FrontPage Express 98 usage, Dreamweaver experience). Macromedia Flash 4 and 5 experience. Adobe illustrator experience.

Windows XP

Experience with VirtualBox, QEMU, and Cygwin.

            (Windows Vista)

            Experience with web browsers and document processing. Usage of command-line processor.

            (Windows 10)

            Experience with web browsers and document processing. Usage of command-line processor. Experience with gopher protocol.

Linux Operating Systems:

            Morphix, SUSE, Fedora 5, Debian (Etch, Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy, Jessie, Sid), Puppy Linux, Ubuntu 9+; Scientific Linux, Damn Small Linux, Android

– Specialized interest in live-OS usage for no-need HDD systems (speed), security purposes, and rescue/recovery. Experience with setting up Nvidia drivers in live-Ubuntu system.

– Experience with developing mass reprography setup for photocopying of literature

– Experience with setting up hardware, finding and installing drivers, administrating accounts,

– Experience with cloning systems using Clonezilla

– Experience with Xorg configurationv

– Experience with GRUB configuration

– Experience with SSH, FTP, SMTP

– Experience with setting up networks: intranet, wifi, and configuring networking files using nano

Macintosh systems:

            Experience with user interface in Apple (Tiger?), using shell commands (Tiger), using Safari and engaging in word processing and spreadsheet use for scientific purposes

ATX-Form Building:

– Experience building own personal ATX-form computer

Laptop hardware experience:

– Experience with laptop HDD install

— Past owner of eMachines M6811, Gateway T6836, ASUS X53U, and some obscure, perceived military laptops I got from eBay (installed Live-Puppy and Debian on them)


Education with ATX-form factor hardware removal, installation, and upgrade. Education in setting up networks in Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP.

The Matrix is a prison for the mind

So, I have been dealing with the ethics involved with me not having constructive knowledge and working on engaging in contractual relationships with individuals of whom I would like to do business. It appears to me that the matter is that terms of agreement are invalid, not possible to meet, and that both the contractor and contractee have to hope for the best to occur in the space-time continuum.

This issue of contract was something that was bothering me while I was in the Illinois Department of Corrections between 2020 and 2021. I had come to consider that if cryptocurrency takes over as the dominant form of money and legal compatibalism ceases to exist, then contracts may have no way of being enforced. What do people do, then?

Well, it appears to me the answer is that a person of whom would hope to contract something out (the contractor) would just have to hope for the best from the contractee.

Another issue I’ve been dealing with is the ethics involved with reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robot” verficiation stuff. Google has ignored me in relation to it. All they had to do was be like, “Ok, we’ll just change it to saying ‘I’m not a malicious robot.”

I’m a robot, whereby I’m a human gastrobot. Technically, we’re all robots. Some realize it. Some don’t. Whatever. But the thing is, though, that reCAPTCHA stuff is kind of contractual, too.

Tutanota went down shortly after my previous blog post. So, I’m at Protonmail now.

And that “Terms” link leads to here: https://policies.google.com/terms?hl=en

And I’m about to over-ride it.

*shifty eyes*



So, supposedly, Tutanota.com has a mole.

I find it interesting when I find the ridiculous out in the open. I rather be in a lab doing science, but the U.S. government screwed me over, so this is the stuff I’m doing. Let’s see if it lands me a money job.

“Privacy is the foundation of everything we do. To fight for our right to privacy – to protect journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists as well as citizens around the world – this has been our mission since we have started building the encrypted email service Tutanota.” – https://tutanota.com/about/

Nice, ok. So, like there are these arguments against Google and whatnot as a service provider on tutanota.com. Funny thing, though, F-Droid requires Android, which is a Google software suite built ontop of a modified Linux kernel. Uhh, I’m familiar with Debian open-source repositories, and it appears these Tutanota dudes aren’t putting it together.

“Tutanota is open source so security experts can verify the code that protects your emails. Our Android app is Google-free making Tutanota the best open source email service.”

Right… Right… No, I do not think so.

It seems wordpress.com has a broken quote aspect to it. I wonder if I can just type in HTML at this point because that it would things a lot easier.

Whatever, anyway, one of the authors, Hanna, has written a blog article listing Google as a free mail provider. It sure is if you have a cancer-giving phone (correlation does not imply causation; and fire isn’t hot, right?) to sign up, and I read that cell phones supposedly won’t show cancer symptoms for 40-years. I don’t feel like searching for all of that again.

Well done, Hanna.

Have you read the anti-Google blog post?


“…but their business model is harmful to individuals and society…” – Author: Hanna https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/google-facebook-free

“Best free email accounts reviewed…” – Author: Hanna https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/best-free-email-accounts

Did Hanna author those?

Interesting…….. Team mental health might be coming for you, Hanna.

It could be that this tutanota.com service is some kind of bait for me to comment on, as if to get make take on these persons of whom appear to be anarchist. I don’t need a cancer phone for the email provider, so that’s not so bad. I’ve had it with Google. Google has been really ignorant. I am even under the suspicion that Google somehow puppetmasters tutanota.com, but I am not able to find the evidence as to such, at the moment… unless… we start considering Hanna’s post to be evidence of such… Maybe..

Darn, I had some smart-allic remarks but WordPress did not let them stick. I think the Kill Bill-esque female samurai is irrelevant as part of the website and that it seems the staff might want to consider something other than black unless they’re going to a funeral or plan on becoming Black Ranger Power Rangers.

Personally, I like to wear blue, and I had one of these:

See the source image

source: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/TKYAAOSwDzBfNUkC/s-l300.jpg